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Φούρνος Θεσσαλονίκη

We travel in Greece and go abroad, through cities and villages, seeking and collecting authentic flavours and recipes that reflect the tradition of each place. We combine these recipes, with the very best ingredients. Simplicity enchants us, truly, like wheat, which the French call "Blé". And so we create top choice flavours in a holistic concept of bread, sweets, food, coffee and drink, 24 hours a day, in Thessaloniki.

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For years Blé has been a meeting point for art and flavour. In two ways: with the art of tasteful pleasure and the enjoyment of artistic creation.

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Earth. Fire. Air

Volcanic stone and water for the interaction between what is stable and what flows, between sober thinking and spontaneous action. And ovens to put everything in motion. Air and the fruits of the earth to make both food and life beautiful.

φωτιά φουρνος

σφακιανη πιτα αρχικη


In Blé we see natural ingredients like precious stones and metals. To become jewels of great value they need art.


We create top flavours in a holistic concept of bread, sweets, food, coffee and drinks, 24 hours a day.

We have a way of turning high-end gastronomy into small moments of daily enjoyment. This is probably the reason why people speak and write well of us. For sure eyebrows are raised, smiles stretched, taste buds watered, and goose-bumps raised. There's something of the animal instinct about it, which is hard to explain and would need lines and lines of analysis. In fact, a much simpler and more satisfying explanation exists found in just another bite, another sip and another moment of the good life.


Many dishes, freshly cooked, with favourite and rare flavours in the self-service buffet. Try a spoonful of one, a forkfull of something else, make a unique dish and fill yourself up. It will surely fill you with delight too.

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Blé's chef pâtissier make the city's most exquisite desserts with French and Italian patisserie.

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Blé On Fire, Blé On The Road, Street Festival, Beer Festival.

We don't simply participate. We create!


μαγισσα προφιτερόλ

Abracadabra! The daily disappearance of profiterole and tiramisu from Blé is probably due to their top natural infredients - we can not say anything else...